TAROM has saved 250 000 liters of fuel during ground operations

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The efficient use of on-board resources during ground operations, as part of the Fuel Saving Policy, brings to TAROM 250 000 liters savings on fuel consumed.

An integral part of the Management Plan, this policy proves its effectiveness, bringing after the first months of implementation significant savings to fuel consumption, used during ground operations, while respecting all the safety procedures in place.

“The financial performances resulting from the implementation of the management plan continue to be reflected in the company's activity and bring considerable benefits. Fuel reduction policy can bring substantial savings and is an important goal for an airline. Thus, during the first months of the year 2013, the company made a reduction with 250 000 liters of the amount of fuel consumed on the ground, compared to the same period of the previous year, which means a reduction of costs by at least 250 000 USD ”

, said Christian Heinzmann, Executive Director and Accountable Manager.

The reduction of fuel costs is the result of the judicious use of the aircraft systems and the intense use of the facilities offered by the airports that the company TAROM operates.

All the operations related to the new policy comply with the EASA safety standards, the regulations defined by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority and the operational procedures of the company.

The new fuel use policy also comes as an improvement to the environmental one; through the measures adopted, TAROM pursues the objectives of ICAO and IATA and aims to identify and implement best practices on emission reductions, which will benefit both the aviation sector and passengers.

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