TAROM and British Airways have suspended flights between Bucharest and London

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A loyal AirlinesTravel reader (thanks Viorela Iulia) drew our attention to the fact that TAROM and British Airways suspended flights between Bucharest and London.

British Airways will suspend flights on the route Bucharest - Londona din November 4 to December 17, 2020. While TAROM will suspend flights Bucharest - London in period 7 November - November 30 as stated, but our simulations show that there are no flights on this route until December 5, 2020.

We do not know the reasons, but we can confirm the lack of flights in the reservation systems. Checking the travel restrictions between Great Britain and Romania, we did not find any flight restriction. Most likely the decision came on an economic basis.

It seems that British Airways has decided to cancel several flights and routes, keeping only a few strategic connections. A strategy also adopted by TAROM.

The only flights available on the route Bucharest - London are those operated by low-cost airlines. We are investigating the situation and we will come back with details!

  1. Elena says

    Hello -
    I have a British Airways flight on November 4 next week. Do you know exactly when flights from London to Bucharest are suspended?
    Please, an answer. I'm traveling from New York to Heathrow.
    Thank you!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      From the checks made, British Airways will operate the last flight London - Bucharest on November 4. Then comes a break until December 17.

  2. Cristina says

    Tarom did the same with the flights between Bucharest and Barcelona and vice versa. There is no flight on the Tarom page

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes, most likely for commercial reasons

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