Tarom on Android

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Starting with 06.09.2012, TAROM's website, www.tarom.ro can also be accessed through Apple and Android smartphones.

TAROM company welcomes its passengers who wish to book or purchase tickets online, with state-of-the-art technical solutions, thus facilitating the purchase of tickets both on desktops and on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). ), to increase the comfort of the trip, even from the planning phase.

TAROM is in the process of expanding in terms of modernizing its products, this feature marking a new progress in the strategy of improving the quality of its e-commerce services.

Congratulations TAROM for opening to the web 2.0 :)!

  1. Gabi Udrescu says

    why doesn't anyone put a direct download link to these applications?

  2. Sorin says

    because there are no applications. Theoretically there are mobile versions!

  3. […] With 3 weeks to release plans for the e-commerce strategy, Tarom announced the mobile version of the site for Android device device owners and […]

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