TAROM supports education: novel illustrated gift for children

TAROM supports education! Passengers up to the age of 16 will receive classic illustrated novels from the Supercool S'cool collection.

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It is a simple gesture by which TAROM wishes to convey to the passengers that it supports reading education. All parents, who will travel with children on TAROM races, starting from September 7 to September 15, will receive a classic illustrated novel. The TAROM promotion is valid on all TAROM races.

“The airlines present various programs of loyalty of the passengers, with emphasis on the small ones. The children's flying experience is a special one, to keep in mind. At TAROM, we thought this year to do something different. To send our thanks to our children and passengers for choosing TAROM, but at the same time to launch a strong public message to support education, at the same time marking the beginning of the school year. We await you on board our aircraft to mark the beginning of the school year together. TAROM takes you wherever your imagination takes you. ”, said Ternom CEO Werner Wolff.

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