TAROM suspends the route Bucharest - Baia Mare, from November 20, 2015

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Starting with 20 November 2015, Baia Mare International Airport it's closing. In conclusion, TAROM suspends the route Bucharest - Baia Mare. According to the financing contract, the duration of the works will be 2 months. Below you will find the announcement posted on the Baia Mare airport website.

We inform all those interested that, starting with November 20, 2015 at 19:00, the operation of aircraft of any kind on Baia Mare International Airport is suspended, for the preparation and start of works for the investment "Expansion and modernization of movement area". Through this contract, Baia Mare International Airport will benefit from European funds for the development and modernization of the airport infrastructure, respectively the increase of the runway length from 1790 meters to 2150 meters (extension of the runway by 360 meters from the current length, towards the end 10), widening the load-bearing portion of the runway from 30 meters to 45 meters. Following the implementation of the project, the bearing capacity of the airport areas will have a PCN 57 index (compared to 22 at present) which will allow the operation of medium-sized courier aircraft with the code code "4C" (Airbus A320 series 200 and Boeing B737 series 800). At the same time, the extension and modernization of the A and B taxiways will be carried out, which will have a length of 167 m and a width of 18 m plus sidewalks; rehabilitation of the Boarding - disembarkation platform with a length of 284 m and a width of 61 m; extension of the CAT II light beacon system, extension of the rainwater drainage installation, related to the new dimensions of the movement surfaces; reconfiguration of markings and inscriptions; other related works caused by the extension of the runway and the bringing of the runway strip; All these will be in accordance with the norms of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Romanian Civil Aviation Regulations (RACR).

The final goal of the financial and logistical efforts made by the European Union, the Government of Romania, the Maramureș County Council and the Baia Mare International Airport is to create the conditions for the operation of the aircraft of the courier and cargo class, in order to cover the increasing air transport needs. and the creation of logistical conditions for the accelerated development of the local economy connected to the European and world economic circuit.

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