TAROM suspends flights to Austria, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands.

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In the current epidemiological context, and as a result of the new restrictions imposed to limit the spread of COVID - 19, TAROM Company aligns with the regulations of the authorities, respectively with the measures imposed in Chapter 2, art.9 and art.10 of Military Ordinance No.7 / 04.04.2020.

Thus, at TAROM Company level the following are established:

  • Suspension of the operation of the flights to / from Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Holland between 06 - 20.04.2020
  • Extension of the suspension of the operation of the flights to / from France and Germany between 09 - 22.04.2020

TAROM will continue to operate passenger flights to, and from, destinations considered to be at low risk, in compliance with the regulations in force and subject to the possibility of suspension and to them if the situation so requires.

TAROM will continue to operate cargo and charter flights, also in compliance with the rules in force, the latter having by definition a special regime. For details please contact: [email protected] and [email protected]

In this context, TAROm recommends that you reschedule trips for future dates. You can do this without modification fees, or you can request reimbursement of amounts paid by contacting the issuing agent or any TAROM agency.

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