TAROM transports medical equipment to Oradea, directly from China

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Two Boom 737-800 aircraft from Tarom are flying to Oradea. I bring 10 tons of sanitary materials very important for the proper functioning of the hospitals in Oradea.

They took off from Shanghai - China airport, do a kerosene refueling stop in Kazakhstan and will land at Oradea airport after almost 14 hours. The first TAROM 737-800 (YR-BGJ) has already landed at 15 pm. The second Boeing 737-800 TAROM (YR-BGK) has departed from Shanghai and flies to Almaty. Will arrive in Oradea during the night.

TAROM transports medical equipment to Oradea, directly from China

The suits and masks transported are part of the import contract from which 37 tons of sanitary materials were transported at the end of last week.

If all goes well, the third Boeing 737-800 TAROM aircraft will bring by the end of this week the last transport, another 10 tons of medical equipment. There will be sufficient sanitary supplies for all hospitals and for all those in the front line in Bihor County.

I thank all those who have contributed and claimed that these vital products can reach us safely: carriers, those who have guaranteed our payments, the authorities who have supported us, donors and all those who have given a helping hand. We will make a detailed report in the coming days, after all deliveries will be made, regarding quantities, types of materials and prices. All costs will be presented in a transparent manner. In any case, people in the front line have equipment and the savings made by hospitals and town halls are consistent, said Ilie Bolojan, mayor of Oradea.

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