TAROM comes with new information on check-in

TAROM comes with new information on check-in

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In the last period, a small scandal has arisen regarding the check-in formalities at TAROM, about delays and losses of airplanes. I have personally arrived at Otopeni Airport many times in the morning. During the 5-8 time interval there are many departures and the airport is busy, crowded, with many passengers disoriented.

I went on domestic and international flights, but I had no problems with the delay and boarding because I was always present two hours before taking off. I took a considerable margin of time because I do not like to shake the last hundred meters.

In my opinion, the problem with the crowd is not at check-in but at the security control service. Here I would blame the airport authorities and not the airlines. NO carriers have this service in order. As for check-in, passengers have a large part to blame. Many travelers can estimate 60% -70%, come with less than an hour to the airport and it is normal to queue. I will come back with a more detailed article on this topic.

Now I'm back to TAROM. The Romanian carrier came with new information about the check-in formalities, precisely to prevent those irritating queues. Below is the release!

“Given the very large number of passengers on both regular flights and on the numerous charter flights conducted by TAROM during this period, we are sorry to announce a longer waiting time than usual, for carrying out airport check-in formalities. . In this regard, I ask passengers to come to the airport at least two hours before leaving the race, as provided in the travel conditions, to avoid crowding. Also, we remind our passengers that there is also the possibility to check in both online, on www.tarom.ro, as well as at the self-check-in kiosks at the airport. We regret all these inconveniences and assure the passengers that we make every effort to remedy this situation and to carry out all the races without delay. "

And there was the idea that there were passengers who missed the plane because they were queuing at check-in. I would like to discuss this issue even in real cases. If anyone has experienced this, please leave a comment and explain what he did, details about his presence at the airport etc and how he lost his plane. Here I refer not only to TAROM, but to all operators in Otopeni.

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