TAROM wants to purchase 3 widebody aircraft

Official! TAROM announces the start of the procurement procedure for 3 (three) widebody aircraft through a leasing operation (financial, operational, etc.), preferably according to certain characteristics.

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There have been many rumors about the widebody planes that TAROM wants. Will they be type 777, 787, A330, A350 or 767? Remains to be seen. Our sources say that the 787 model has already been chosen, but we can't go beyond the announcement given by TAROM.

3 Boeing 787 or 3 Boeing 777 for TAROM?

The plan is to purchase 3 widebody large aircraft, with the following characteristics:

Features Details
Aircraft type Widebody, equipped with 2 engines, "sisterships", current generation aircraft with the lowest possible cost of fuel per race and / or on the spot offered
Capacity Number of seats between 225 and 270, in two or three classes (all aircraft offered in similar configuration)
-- Minimum 5,200 nm
seniority No older than 2012, with the lowest possible maintenance cost and the shortest duration of the aircraft's immobilization in scheduled technical maintenance work
Interior In-flight entertainment, wi-fi, leather upholstered chairs
Features The aircraft must be equipped with the rest area for the crew
Cargo area Bulk cargo compartment of type ventilated and thermally controlled
conformation EASA / FAA
Aircraft availability According to market availability
Terms negotiation

The criteria for evaluating the tenders will include, besides, the price, the possibility of financing (if applicable), the degree of integration of the aircraft in the current structure of the fleet, the initial support offered for the introduction into the commercial service.

Offers must be sent to TAROM as a matter of urgency by 31.08.2017, by e-mail at [email protected] In principle, they can also be transmitted after this date until the time the ad is removed from the TAROM website.

That's how the ad sounds. We are glad that TAROM wants to expand on the long-haul. Uraaaa! But our haste is sad. Why so fast? Aircraft purchases are made over time, after much debate, analysis and operational plans. The pros and cons are taken into consideration. The navigating and technical personnel are taken into account.

Well, let's say that the necessary offers will come until August 31. How long can we see them in Bucharest? How long will we see them in the operational program and on what routes? Because there is much to analyze here. Are there free slots on the desired destinations? How long can they be purchased? How long before are routes announced to have a ticket sale deadline?

We are happy to purchase and hope to be introduced efficiently into the operational service!

  1. Nicky says

    How so hasty? Someone has a combination, there is a point of protection, some commissions will move…

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We will fly with them for the sake of it. Will have Wi-Fi 😀

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