Taxis with tariff of 1.40 lei / km at Henri Coanda Airport

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Bucharest National Airports Company announces new regulations regarding the taxis accepted at Henri Coanda Airport. Starting from Wednesday, June 15 June 2016, passengers arriving at Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest will have available taxis with a fare of 1.40 lei / km, taxis authorized without prior order. They will wait at the taxi station located at the exit of the terminal and take the passengers in the order of arrival. Customers, who want to order a taxi from a particular company, will still have touch screen terminals for taxi orders.


Authorized taxi cars that charge fares higher than 1,40 lei / km, as well as unauthorized airport taxis, will continue to be available on the ground floor, in front of the Sosiri terminal. Each of the taxi stations - for the taxi with a maximum tariff of 1,40 lei / km, for the taxi to order and for the other taxis - will be clearly indicated. At this time, 1.400 taxi cars are authorized and the authorization procedure is carried out quickly and free of charge.

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