Tel Aviv, the "funniest" city in the world

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Tel Aviv, Israel's economic and cultural hub, has been named the world's funniest city for the second year in a row. Although the pandemic has imposed restrictions on the operation of restaurants, nightclubs and all public areas across Europe, Israel's strategy has been to speed up vaccination in order to reopen entertainment centers as soon as possible. Thus, Tel Aviv has maintained its "Most Fun City in the World" award, despite all restrictions imposed by the authorities. 

Located 60 kilometers from Jerusalem, the position of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean coast gives the area a special charm, becoming over time a lively place, modern, colorful, cosmopolitan, surprisingly harmonious and young.

Also called the Miami of the Middle East, Tel Aviv was ranked eighth as the best city in the world and second in the ranking of the best cities in the category of food and beverages, after Shanghai, in a survey conducted by the publication Time Out.

This year's list of the best cities in the world brings to the attention of communities that have adapted to the conditions imposed by the pandemic, at a time when the key factors, which turned these metropolises into areas of entertainment, culture and socialization, have disappeared. .

In the survey, respondents found that Tel Aviv's nightlife, restaurants and culture, as well as community membership - which was especially important during the pandemic - make this city worthy of being called "the funniest in the world." . Tel Aviv also scored generously for environmental initiatives and a commitment to activism.

Although the pandemic gave the whole world an unexpected break, the spirit of the community in Tel Aviv has not disappeared. Israel has always focused on innovation and technology, and the country has managed to overcome the collapse caused by the lockdown.

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel, after Jerusalem, a metropolis full of life and energy, a huge economic, business and cultural center. In the beginning, Tel Aviv was a simple port, but today it means much more than that, it is the place where life has a fast pace, being the largest metropolitan area in Israel.

Travel conditions in Israel from 9 January 2022: certificate of vaccination or proof of illness, COVID PCR test before travel and PCR on entry into the country, plus PLF

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism has officially announced that, starting with January 9, 2022, tourists from all over the world will be able to travel freely to Israel again if they simultaneously meet the following conditions:

  • are vaccinated with the full schedule or have had COVID, no more than 6 months have elapsed since immunization by vaccination or illness, present a negative PCR test performed at most 72 hours before entry into Israel (only for vaccinated , those suffering from the disease are not required to take a new COVID PCR test, but can show the one that confirms the illness in the last half year) and agree to perform on arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, at their own expense, another PCR test. Until the arrival of the result or a maximum of 24 hours, depending on the event that occurs first, tourists will have to isolate themselves at the address they will declare.
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