The Berlin Brandenburg soap opera continues. The airport could go bankrupt before the inauguration.

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When we talk about Germany, in 99% of cases we are talking about punctuality and seriousness. But there are also 1% of cases, when we talk about Berlin Brandenburg Airport, this endless German soap opera.

After 6 opening terms and about 10 years of postponement, Berlin's new airport will be officially inaugurated at the end of October 2020. At least that's what the airport management announced.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport could go bankrupt before opening.

The long-awaited event will be marked by a special parallel landing operated by EasyJet and Lufthansa aircraft. Once operations begin, EasyJet and Lufthansa will be the largest air carriers flying from Brandenburg (BER). When Berlin Brandenburg Airport will open at the end of October 2020, Schönefeld Airport will become Terminal 5 (T5) of the BER.

But there is a risk that Berlin Brandenburg Airport will go bankrupt before it opens. It urgently needs EUR 300 million to be operational by the set date. EUR 99 million should be transferred immediately and EUR 201 million in the form of a loan.

But this is not all. If the number of passengers does not increase immediately after the inauguration, the new airport would need up to 700 million EURO. Efforts are already being made for the 2021 budget to include this aid guaranteed by the German state. A colossus like Berlin Brandenburg Airport needs cash to stay afloat. And the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected aviation and tourism.

We are curious how this soap opera will end!

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