Inauguration of the T3 IASI Airport terminal

The 3 - T3 - Terminal of the IAŞI International Airport was inaugurated

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On 17 October 2015, thanks Blue Air and at the invitation IASI Airport, the Airlines Travel team was able to attend the inauguration of the 3 - T3 - terminal of IAI International Airport.

Terminal 3 - T3

About 500 people attended the festival, including the local officials. The event was preceded by a short sanctification service officiated by the Most High Theophan, The Metropolitan of Moldova and Bukovina, who then gave a brief talk.

T3 IASI Airport Terminal

The first to open the series of speeches was the president of the Board of the Iasi International Airport, Marius Bodea.

"The new passenger terminal of Iasi International Airport is dressed in both the functionality and elegance clothes, and is a label that responds to the demand of the regional capital, as is Iasi. It worked enormously, it was a new work for which the construction times were counted in months, not years. It is a good of our community that will bring you more value. And the fact that after only two years we have managed to open yet another 13 foreign direct flights to the largest capitals of Europe gives us the comfort and the hope that the future of Iasi and the region is truly exciting, "said the President of the Board of the International Airport Iasi, Marius Bodea.

Thus, with the announcement of new destinations, Iasi National Airport will arrive, until the summer of 2016, to have in its own portfolio of 14 routes external direct flights: Rome, London, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Venice, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Munich , Paris, Istanbul, Barcelona, ​​Brussels and Cologne.

The surprise of the event was represented by the announcement made by the president Marius Bodea, about the introduction of a new foreign direct race from Iasi. Is about Iasi-Istanbul race which will become operational as of December 9 2015 and will be operated by TAROM, having two frequencies per week.

Some of the officials present at the event also took the stage: Andrei Muraru, presidential adviser, Victorel Lupu, vice president of the Iasi County Council, Paul Butnariu, president of the Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, along with the representative of the UTI Builder, Catalina Teodcu.

T3 IASI Airport Terminal
T3 IASI Airport Terminal

T3 IASI Airport Terminal

T3 IASI Airport Terminal

Also, the Iasi people had the opportunity to visit the new T3 Terminal, the objective of maximum interest of the event. The building is equipped and equipped to modern standards. The building of the new terminal, with an area of ​​approximately 3.600 square meters, has six check-in offices and will provide a processing capacity of 320 of passengers at rush hour. The airport management also expects that the new terminal will become fully operational starting with October 25 2015, after all the airlines and the collaborating institutions will install the necessary logistics to carry out the specific activities, as it corresponds with the beginning of the winter season in aviation, when from Iasi Airport you can fly directly to new destinations: Munich and Paris.

Hawks Of Romania at IASI.

Posted by Airlines Travel on Saturday, October 17, 2015

There was also an aviation minishow offered by the team of acrobats "Hawks of Romania", led by George Rotaru, the general manager of the Airfield Club of Romania, a demonstration that could be followed by the public even from the new aircraft parking platform.

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