Noise testing on new windows of Boeing 777X aircraft (video)

Have you ever wondered the route of a plane from design to flight? Boeing shows us some pictures from the design behind the scenes.

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Boeing engineers tested the new window panels soundproof for future Boeing 777X aircraft.

For a comfortable flight, they aim to get the most soundproofed insulated panels. The tests were performed in an anechoic chamber (without echo).

New Boeing 777X aircraft windows

The microphones were placed around a passenger, and the sensitive accelerometers were placed on the window panel, the latter having the role of measuring vibrations. The speakers reproduced the flight conditions, and the engineers monitored and captured the noise and vibration data.

The information gathered from these tests will help the engineers to design the panels as well as possible, reducing the noise in the window areas.

Boeing plans to deliver the first 777X to the 2020, the year in which the first commercial flight will be operated, if all goes according to plan!

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