Thai Airways will receive a new Boeing 777-300ER and sell two Airbus A380s

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Thai Airways, Thailand's national carrier, is making significant changes to its aircraft fleet. While selling its two Airbus A380 aircraft, the airline is waiting for the delivery of a new Boeing 777-300ER.

On December 11, 2020, Thai Airways announced the launch of two Airbus A380-800 aircraft. Both 7,5-year-old super-jumbo planes, registered HS-TUE and HS-TUF, were received in October 2013. They are currently waiting for the new owner at U-Tapao International Airport (UTP), where were sent for storage.

Thai Airways will receive a new Boeing 777-300ER

At the same time, a Boeing 777-300ER was photographed at the Boeing base in Everett, Washington, with its tail painted in Thai Airways. It will have the HS-TTA code.

Most likely, this will be one of the 3 planes rented by Thai Airways, in 2018. These will be delivered in 2021 and will come equipped with Royal First Class.

It's just that there are some suspicions about the company's sustainability. The Thai press reports that Thai Airways is on the verge of bankruptcy. On 14 September 2020, Thai Airways has entered the reorganization and received the green light from the Central Bankruptcy Court of Thailand to continue his recovery plans.

In November 2020, Thai Airways released 10 x Boeing 747-400, 6 x Boeing 777-200ER and 6 x Boeing 777-300ER for liquidity. All of these aircraft were withdrawn in March 2020, when the airline was unable to operate flights due to the closure of its Thai borders.

Thai Airways also aims to find new owners for the 2 x Boeing 737-400, 6 x Airbus A340-600 and 2 x A340-500, as well as an Airbus A300-600 aircraft.

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