The 2 Boeing 737-800 (YR-BGL and YR-BGM) TAROM aircraft are ready to fly to Romania

TAROM expands its fleet with another 2 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The new aircraft are registered YR-BGL (Alexandru Ioan Cuza) and YR-BGM (Mihai Viteazul).

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Year 2018 is full of surprises from TAROM. The fleet will expand with new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft, and the operational network will be enriched with new routes. The TAROM administration wants to prove that they are working for the recovery of the company.

2 Boeing 737-800 (YR-BGL and YR-BGM) TAROM aircraft

We hope everything will be fine and TAROM will continue to fly. We expect all these actions to add value and profit to the national airline. Some are more skeptical and say it's just a political action that could send the company into bankruptcy.

As we used to, we avoid making sensitive statements without evidence. So we will focus on the arrival of those 2 Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft. The Ministry of Transport of Romania presented images with both planes. These are named "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" and "Mihai Viteazul", and the livery contains the symbol of the Centenary "100 Romania".


These are taken over by Leasing from Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC) for a period of 7 years. Airplanes are not new. They are 4.6 years old and 5.2 years old, former Malaysia Airlines aircraft. They are configured in 2 classes: 16 seats in Business Class and 144 seats in Economy Class.

Photo: Ministry of Transport Romania

The seats are equipped with USB sockets, entertainment screens (mounted in the head restraints) and many other facilities for the comfort and pleasure of the passengers.

From our information, the 2 planes will fly from the United States to Romania somewhere around the middle of next week. This will help TAROM to honor its charter flight contracts, as well as to open new routes.

Boeing 737-800 TAROM-YR-BGM
Photo: Ministry of Transport Romania

As I announced last days, TAROM will operate flights from Constanța, Cluj, Timișoara and Sibiu. And as new destinations in Bucharest, announces flights to Baku, Odessa, Tbilisi, Yerevan.

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