The Baltic Bees band returns to BIAS 2019 (photo)

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To the delight of aircraft and flight enthusiasts, the Latvian Baltic Bees Jet Team returns to BIAS!

At # BIAS2019, Baltic Bees will evolve with six L-39C Albatros aircraft, training aircraft, jet and two seats. The Albatross is special and very popular due to its excellent technical characteristics, impeccable aerodynamics and maneuverability.

The Baltic Bees crew is made up of 6 experienced pilots, with thousands of flight hours on active duty. The team leader is Artyom Soloduha, a young pilot with 700 hours of active flight, whose nickname is Maverick.

Baltic Bees the BIAS 2019

Favorite flight maneuver is "crazy bee". The most experienced member of the team is Valery Sobolev, an instructor pilot with 3500 active flight hours. His well-deserved nickname is "God Father" and his preferred flight pattern is "bell".

Pictures BIAS 2013 - Flight at dusk

The crew is completed by Igor Yudkin "Major", with 2200 flight hours, Anatoly Perekriostov "Maestro", pilot with 3100 flight hours, Alexander Zarinsh "Smoke", with 2200 flight hours and the newest member of the team, Alessandro Scorrano , pilot with 1500 flight hours.

Baltic-bees-bias 2019

You can meet them on August 24, at BIAS 2019. The event will take place, as usual, at Aurel Vlaicu - Băneasa International Airport. The entry is free!

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