The European digital certificate for COVID-19 will become operational in Romania on July 1. See where it can be downloaded!

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There are a few more days until the introduction of the European digital certificate for COVID-19 in Romania, also recognized as the EU COVID digital certificate.

The announcement was made by the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, Andrei Baciu. The certificate can be downloaded in one of three variants from the secure site: Specifically, the certificate can be downloaded if you have received the vaccine or if you have been tested for covid and the result is negative or if you have been naturally immunized following COVID-19 infection.

Andrei Baciu, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health, announced on Sunday evening at Digi24, the address of the site where, from July 1, it will be possible to download the green COVID certificate, mainly necessary to facilitate travel abroad. He said that the government is preparing the relevant legislation and that there will be other ways in which citizens will be able to obtain the document. It can also be taken from public health departments and family doctors. There will also be a call center, but also a solution group for unforeseen problems that could arise for possible exceptions.

"We are in the right direction to use this European digital certificate for COVID-19 or travel certificate, as we call it. On July 1, in a few days, it will start operating in Romania as well, a lot of work has been done in the last months to complete this whole procedure.", said Andrei Baciu. "The existence of this European digital certificate practically facilitates transport and travel within the European space", the secretary of state recalled.

The document will prove that we have gone through the disease, that we have immunity, that we have been vaccinated or that we have a negative test for the disease. It all comes down to a QR code, which can be scanned and make it easier to cross the border.

The Romania Digital COVID certificate has the following details:

  • QR code;
  • available in digital and paper format;
  • can be in English and in the national language;
  • EU residents and citizens are eligible to have it;
  • valid in the EU region.

It should be mentioned that this certificate can be obtained for FREE! Will you download it?

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