The Romanian coast is on the right track - #litoralulmeu (ep.1)

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As I said, I am not a big fan of the coast, but I do not avoid it in the summer season. In recent years, all sorts of negative myths have appeared on the Romanian coast. We listened to many tourists who complained about staff, prices and lack of activities in the area. It's nice to go to the beach, relax on a lounger, but it gets boring after the first day and you are looking to do something else.


In order to convince myself of the situation of the Romanian seaside, between May 23-26, I was on #litoralulmeu, an info-trip dedicated to travel bloggers and which was organized by Accent Travel & Events and Happy Tour, in partnership with Hotel EuropaHotel VegaHotel Iaki and the Adornate Sailboat. Let's not forget HAPPYşor, the most beloved character on the coast.


To my surprise, I can say that the Romanian coast is on the right track:

- Starting from the Eforie-Nord - Mangalia area and up to Năvodari, things start to move. There is still a lot to do compared to other coasts, but the local authorities are optimistic when it comes to the development of the Romanian coast and investments.
- Radu Mazăre, with all his "madness", managed to position the resort of Mamaia as one for fun, nightlife and events. He announced investments of 120 million euros, from European funds, money that he will use to widen the beaches, create two artificial islands (a kind of Dubai, but on a small scale) and to set up a tourist port in the north of the resort. .
- The south coast comes from behind with new development plans, and the resorts here are starting to position themselves as more for relaxation, family travel and adventure tourism.
- SPAs can play an important role in the development of resorts. I tested the mud bath at the European SPA, Eforie-Nord, but about this experience in another article.
- Hotels are starting to modernize and there are a few that have turned into small premium resorts, despite the outdated architecture.
- The roads are ok between / in resorts, but I think they become real "parking lots" in the middle of the summer season.


2-3 days are few to really understand what is happening on the Romanian shore of the Black Sea, but we have seen that beautiful things can be done when desired. We still have a lot to work on, but I am convinced that the Romanian coast will re-enter the international map of summer destinations. I met people passionate about their work, hotel managers who welcome you with "open arms", qualified staff and always with a smile on their face, but I also saw the opposite. There is still work to be done on the way hotels and services are presented, on the employees who want to get rid of you as soon as possible and swear at you, at the service, etc.

I felt very good on the Romanian coast, but this is also due to the group of travel bloggers I was with. After all, we have fun too. I mention that I only saw the sea from the windows of the hotels and I really didn't miss it. Instead, I enjoyed the pools :). But about the activities tested on my #litoralululuu I will tell in the next episode.

  1. Master RA says

    Our coast does not exist! Things start to move every year, and still in motion, and it keeps coming, and it never stops. There are many things to say, in the negative sense, starting from the specific natural conditions, and ending with the mentality and professionalism of the workers, the owners, and the Romanian state!

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    Let's see the positive things and let go of the mischief. It is our coast, mine, yours, Romania's and let's do it the way we want it…

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