The Spanish government wants to ban short domestic flights

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Several European countries have considered charging or even banning short flights of less than 500 kilometers. In France and Germany, important steps have already been taken to implement this plan, and even the most polluted flights should be banned.

Spain is also on the list of countries that want to suspend short flights. In this case, it is about short flights, less than 500 kilometers. If such flights were banned in Europe, CO2 emissions would be significantly reduced. Short-haul flights account for 6% of all harmful emissions in Europe.

In line with scientists' concerns about emissions from short-haul flights, the Spanish government announced its intention in May this year to ban short-haul flights, offering the train as an alternative, to the despair of the Asociación de Lineas Aéreas (THAT).

In countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, road and rail infrastructure is very good, and ground distances of up to 500 kilometers can be traveled in a time similar to an airplane. The new plans are being considered for the coming years and may be implemented in a few years.

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