The activity at Iași Airport returns to normal. Commercial flights were resumed.

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After recent green list update, which now includes 32 countries in Europe, activity at Iasi Airport returns to normal. Gradually, most flights that were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic could be resumed.

This means that, from July 7, you can fly from Iasi to destinations in France, Germany, Cyprus, Belgium, England, Italy, Greece. Charter flights have also started to be operated.

The destinations operated from Iasi, at present, are:

  • Paris (France) - Wizz Air / Blue Air
  • Billund (Denmark) - Wizz Air
  • Dortmund (Germany) - Wizz Air
  • Munich (Germany) - Blue Air
  • Cologne (Germany) - Blue Air
  • Larnaca (Cyprus) - Wizz Air
  • Tel Aviv (Israel) - Wizz Air
  • Brussels (Belgium) - Wizz Air / Blue Air
  • Liverpool (United Kingdom) - Wizz Air
  • London (UK) - Wizz Air / Blue Air
  • Turin (Italy) - Blue Air
  • Bergamo (Italy) - Wizz Air
  • Venice (Italy) - Wizz Air
  • Bologna (Italy) - Wizz Air
  • Catania (Italy) - Wizz Air
  • Rome (Italy) - Wizz Air
  • Heraklion (Greece)
  • Bucureşti (Romania) - TAROM / Blue Air
  • Eindhoven (Netherlands) - Wizz Air

From this summer, Wizz Air will inaugurate the routes Iasi - Bari; Iasi - Turin; Iasi - Verona; Iasi - Barcelona.

INFO: Wizz Air has resumed flights from Romania to Spain, from July 7, 2020
INFO: Wizz Air has resumed flights from Romania to England, from July 7, 2020
INFO: Blue Air has resumed flights to Spain, Belgium and England

* The routes and flight schedule are set by the airline in accordance with the laws and restrictions imposed by the authorities.

** The AirlinesTravel website is not responsible for operational changes, flights or airline tickets.

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