The ANPC - Blue Air scandal continues!

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Blue Air is suing the fine collected from Consumer Protection and speaks of "more or less veiled proposals, coming from the president of ANPC". Do we understand that there is also a bribery complaint in the back?

The low-cost airline Blue Air announces that it will go to court to annul the report based on which it was fined by the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC), stating that it is abuse of office and communication of false information and claiming that representatives Blue Air did not understand to agree, in any way, "to more or less veiled proposals, coming from the president of ANPC".

The message is sent with the title "the air carrier with Romanian private capital Blue Air reveals with arguments the attempt to abuse the service of ANPC and assures the" controllers "that it is not willing to give clocks or percentages of the fine - as to “get rid of the fine” - nor to accept “minutes” made on the knees, without responsibility and factual basis and without respecting the official figures and data. Blue Air assures all employees and passengers that, despite the gross incompetence of ANPC, it will continue to develop and bring all its passengers to their destination safely ", informs

As I said, the scandal continues. ANPC tried a picture game, only that there are too many procedural defects on the basis of which Blue Air has all the chances to cancel the fine and the complementary measures. The idea is that the passengers affected by the canceled flights remain with the problem unresolved for the time being.

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  1. […] The conflict between ANPC and Blue Air is far from over. After ANPC announced that it had fined Blue Air EUR 2 million, the Romanian low-cost carrier accused ANPC of abuse of office and even filed a bribery complaint (so far without evidence). In turn, the National Authority for Consumer Protection, through the voice of Mr. Horia Constantinescu, accuses the company of preparing to leave the market and takes time not to return the money to consumers! […]

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