The Association of Humanitarian Pilots in Romania was founded by four volunteer pilots

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According to a statement of Humanitarian Pilots Association of Romania (APUR), the purpose of the association is to support, promote and carry out humanitarian and medical flights (emergency medical transport, transportation of transplant organs and their harvesting equipment, transportation of aid for the victims), through the direct financing of operating costs and the provision of qualified personnel.

"The Romanian Humanitarian Pilots Association can provide specialized navigating personnel for emergency humanitarian and medical flights and will raise funds to finance these flights."

, says APUR.

The founders of the association are aircraft pilots, trained by the Higher School of Civil Aviation through scholarships granted from the state budget by the Ministry of Transport and hold commercial pilot pilots (CPL - Commercial Pilot License, frozen ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot License).

"The Association considers it necessary to equip a civil air operator with a specialized aircraft for medical and humanitarian missions and requests the endowment of the Higher School of Civil Aviation with such an aircraft or donation to the Romanian Humanitarian Pilots Association of an aircraft, for operation in civilian and not military ”

, specifies NOW.

Let's not forget that businessman Ion Tiriac and a bank donated a turbojet, for humanitarian missions.


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