The authorities from Brăila and Galați signed a protocol regarding the construction of the Braniștea Regional Airport (Brăila-Galați Airport)

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The county councilors from Brăila and Galați approved the draft decision regarding the collaboration protocol between Brăila and Galați counties for the construction of the Braniștea Regional Airport.

This approach is carried out within the Intercommunity Development Association for transport infrastructure of strategic interest in the East and South area, which includes the counties of Galați, Brăila, Călărași and Ialomița, but belongs only to the first two territorial administrative units mentioned.

As expected, the subject aroused the interest of the councilors in the ordinary meeting from the beginning of last week, so there were debates on this topic, but also reaching attacks between PNL county councilor Alexandru Bucălău and the president of Brăila County Council, Francisk Chiriac, informs

Going beyond the scandal between politicians, this airport has little chance of being realized. First of all, there are other airports quite close to Galați and Brăila. Maybe we shouldn't have an airport, but a better infrastructure to Bacău, Bucharest or Tulcea.

If, however, they miraculously take over this airport, it will certainly take a few years for it to be ready. And then what do you want from an airport in the region? The passenger pool would be quite small. We have an airport in Tulcea that is kept dormant. We have the airport in Constanța which is operated below the level of performance for which it was designed. Why build an airport? Just for the sake of unnecessarily spent budgets?

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