The average price for a return plane ticket in Europe is between 130 euros and 150 euros

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The lifting of restrictions imposed by the pandemic and the desire of Romanians to go further and more often after a long period of bans have resulted in a significant increase in travel this summer. As expected, Italy is again the destination to and from which Romanians flew the most, according to data issued by This is followed by domestic flights (it's the second year that domestic destinations have taken second place in the popularity chart) and flights to and from the UK, Spain, Greece, France and Germany.


Romanians increased their travel budget. In 2022 they bought more plane tickets, at significantly higher prices developed strongly in the last year, with a 152% increase in net income compared to 2021 (from 2,5 million euros to 6,2 million euros) and a 142% increase in brokered transactions compared to last year. The results obtained by Vola are a very good sign for the entire industry, which is gradually starting to return to the dynamics before the pandemic.

According to, there is also a significant increase in the level of tickets sold between June and August compared to last year. Specifically, Vola sold 96.403 tickets during the summer in 2021, while this year it sold 106.118 tickets, about 10% more than last year, a level close to the pre-pandemic level. At the same time, they booked 22 days in advance, as opposed to 17 days in advance last year, a sign that now, in the context where there are no more restrictions and there is greater security regarding travel, Romanians have the confidence to make reservations from time so that they get better prices.

Currently, the average price for a return ticket in the European area is between 130 and 150 euros.

"This summer we all witnessed the boomerang effect generated by the pandemic. If in 2021 Romanians preferred domestic destinations in quite large numbers, this summer season meant a return to post-pandemic consumption habits. Thus, I saw again in the list of reservations city breaks, trips to major European capitals, shopping trips, etc. The only significant difference is the higher airfares, taking into account the high demand and still low supply of airfares. Our efforts went towards the development of pro-active solutions to the situation of flight delays and cancellations, such a product being Vola Trip Protect. In the future, the greatest pressure in the aeronautical industry will not be on the lowest price, but on the most prompt services.” said Claudia Tocilă

Where did Romanians travel the most in the summer of 2022?

According to, the data did not reveal any major changes regarding the destinations chosen by Romanians, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Greece, France and Germany, along with the big cities in Romania, being again at the top. Given that these are also the states where there are the largest Romanian communities, most traveled to visit their families in the diaspora or at home. Greece, one of the Romanians' favorite countries for summer holidays, is again at the top of the ranking, especially since, this year, the airlines have expanded their portfolio with many destinations from here.

Regarding the duration of the trip, the average decreased from 10 days in 2021 to 8 days in 2022, a sign that Romanians now choose to travel more often, but to stay less at the destination, considering that there are no longer restrictions and that they now have greater flexibility in terms of travel.

As for the European cities chosen by Romanians, London, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Paris and Barcelona are at the top of the list this summer. Among those from us, Timișoara and Cluj-Napoca are the destinations frequently chosen by Romanians, with the mention that on the route Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca there was a significant increase during the festivals, Electric Castle in July and Untold in August.

Vola Trip Protect, an additional measure for the financial security of passengers

In April, amid the cancellation or rescheduling issues passengers were facing, Vola launched a menu service to offer its customers more security. In short, Vola Trip Protect guarantees the continuation of the trip, regardless of whether the passenger's flight is canceled, delayed or rescheduled.

In the case of such a situation, Vola takes care of quickly finding another flight and pays for other tickets to any airline that has a route to the customer's desired destination. In this way, you get rid of the stress caused by the fear of not reaching your destination in time or missing your trip.

Therefore, passengers who have booked a flight ticket through Vola with Trip Protect are guaranteed that they will benefit from Vola's fast assistance and that their journey will take place, regardless of cancellations or delays announced by the airline they have a ticket for.

The service works simply and efficiently and can be added by customers who purchase plane tickets through at the time of booking, in the stage before finalizing the payment. Simple and fast.

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