Where do we eat in Skiathos? The best taverns and restaurants recommended by Nino in Skiathos!

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Skiathos Island is a dream island, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. It has a cosmopolitan part, the southern part, and a wild part, the northern part. There are 69 beaches in Skiathos. On the southern part of the island, the beaches are more lively, while on the northern part of the island the beaches are more traditional, rustic, less populated, some even virgin.

The highest point in Skiathos

Animated beaches: Koukounaries, Troulos, Agia Paraschevi, Achladies, Kanapitsa.
Wild beaches: Mandraki, Elias, Aselinos, Mikro Aselinos (the finest according to Nino).

From Skiathos Island you can take small boat cruises and you can visit neighboring islands such as Skopelos Island where the musical Mamma Mia was filmed, Alonissos Island which houses the Marine National Park (there are also seals), Tsougria Island for a wonderful wild beach . For details, you can contact Nino.

On Skiathos Island you can go on one of the over 25 hiking trails, including the trail that goes to the top of the island, if you are passionate about it.

Skiathos can be reached by plane, the airport being famous for the shortest and narrowest runway in the world, and the show of the planes is amazing (Skiathos being St. Maarten of Europe). Beware of jet blasts because the blowing of engines can injure you. It can also be reached by bus or personal car, passing by ferry from Thessaloniki, Volos or Glyfa.

The nightlife is very beautiful in Skiathos Town, the capital of the island. There are buses that run according to a very good schedule and go from one end of the island to the other, at a price of 2 euros. The island of Skiathos is famous, like all of Greece, for its rustic restaurants and taverns, with traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The island is beautiful and worth discovering, exploring.

Where do we eat in Skiathos?

Taverna Trelo Koutali • Crazy Spoon • Skiathos from PORT - (opposite the taxi rank). In front of the tavern you will find a Romanian flag. Prices are generally lower than other taverns. Here you also have a menu in Romanian. In addition to other traditional Greek specialties, you can order fish soup and chicken soup. Benefit from a 10% DISCOUNT if you specify, when requesting the payment note, that you went to Nino's recommendation.

Nino recommends several Greek specialties: Kleftico (baked lamb), Mousaka, Stifado (beef stew). For fish lovers: Fish Sword - SordFish, Sea perch - SeaBass, Sea bream - SeaBream and the indispensable seafood. At CRAZY SPOON you will find a unique dish in Greece - Giros in the oven.

Olive Thea Restaurant it is located in the middle of the island, on the hills. It offers a beautiful view and, obviously, with very good food. The restaurant also provides transfer by minibus, just call 00306947487268.

restaurant UNDER THE PINE TREE in the Kokounaries area (at station 24) is famous for the best GYROS on the island. Nino also recommends everything related to meat, including roasting, but also cooked food.

Amaretto - Cafe Snack Bar (Skiathos, Magnesia), a wonderful place from where you can admire the takeoffs and landings at Skiathos Airport.

TOTEM SKIATHOS TOWN and TOTEM TROULOS are famous for live music (international covers with rock influences and more). Both locations are with live bands from Athens and the atmosphere is very nice. Romanian is spoken in both pubs.

Taverna AMPHILICS Pansion is famous for the most delicious dishes with fish & seafood. Don't miss the cream and spinach shrimp and pan-fried shrimp), all seasoned with a SPECTACULAR VIEW.

A holiday in Skiathos is not just about accommodation and the beach. For a complete and complex experience, at least one cruise, a unique culinary experience, an island trip are recommended. Nino is at your disposal with information and can even guide you in your forays into the island of Skiathos.

Koukounaries Beach - PHOTO: Nino Florin - eHaiHui
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