Bigar Waterfall collapsed - between superlative and impotence!

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I learned sadly that one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, known as the Bigar waterfall, collapsed. The famous tourist attraction collapsed under the eyes of tourists in the area. The famous waterfall is located in Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park.

Bigar Waterfall collapsed due to natural causes

Romsilva announced that the unfortunate event took place due to natural causes. Representatives of the company claim that the travertine and muscles that have accumulated over time have increased in size and weight, and on Monday the waterfall gave way under its own weight.

It is easy to say that nature took its course and that the collapse was due to natural causes, but could this unpleasant event be prevented? We cannot give the verdict, nor can we rely on speculation. Here we are waiting for answers from those who are knowledgeable and responsible for maintaining the region.

Was Bigar waterfall really a fairytale place?

Bigăr Waterfall was in a shadow cone until 2013, when a photo of the waterfall reached "The World Geography", a site that deals with topics related to geography, nature, unusual tourist destinations. In addition, in one of the charts made by "The World Geography", Bigar waterfall was named one of the most beautiful in the world.

Later, journalists from the Huffington Post published an article based on the top compiled by "The World Geography", in which it was said about the waterfall that it is "a magical place, as if taken from fairy tales", Digi24.

Was Bigar waterfall really a fairytale place? Or maybe professional photographers knew how to capture the most beautiful frames from ideal angles? Opinions are divided here and we expect your personal opinions.

What is certain is that this waterfall has managed to attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from the country and abroad. It was one of the few places promoted internationally and the name of Romania was put on the map of many of those who visited our country.

Like it or not, the collapse of the Bigăr waterfall can be considered a tragedy for Romanian tourism, our country losing another very important tourist attraction, just as it has lost others over the years. If some buildings and monuments can be refurbished and made to shine again, then a waterfall cannot be rebuilt overnight.

I leave you to admire the photos with the beautiful waterfall, taken until it collapsed!

PHOTO: Ciprian Floare
PHOTO: ViitorPlus-Association for Sustainable Development
PHOTO: Sherise VD

What other impressive waterfalls do you know about Romania that you think deserve to be promoted internationally?

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