Pension Iara - modern and traditional are successfully combined in the Danube Delta

Earlier this month I spent it in the Danube Delta, where nature does a show, and we were spectators. The wonderful experience was complemented by the perfect accommodation at Pensiunea Iara.

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A trip to the Danube Delta is like a trip to another country! Everything you find there, from the color of the sky and the smell of the air to the taste of traditional food and the tranquility of the night, does not resemble anything in our daily universe.

Are you in love with nature or just travelers, but do you associate the Danube Delta only with the mosquitoes and the fish? Big mistake you make! Let me tell you two "secrets":
- the shore and the shine of water, meadows, willow, vegetation and forest (in general) are the natural environment in which the mosquito lives (by the way, not only in the Danube Delta, but also in the parks and lakes in the cities where you live)!
- fish from aquaculture, existing in traditional markets and chain stores, is not compared in any way with "born and raised" fish in the Danube Delta.

The Danube Delta

I was in the Danube Delta at the beginning of July, during a hot summer period. I want to tell you about a beautiful place and "on my soul" where I found very good accommodation and food, lots of peace, but also the opportunity to "touch, tread and feel the aroma of water", to discover the channels and lakes, flora and unique fauna and specific only to the Danube Delta.

Is about Pension Iara ([email protected]). And let me tell you something more: this personal experience gives me the right to declare that the two "secrets" shared above should convince you to go to the Danube Delta!

Pension Iara


The exact address of the pension is Ilganii de Jos, Egretei street no. 2, Nufaru commune, Tulcea county. More specifically, on the left bank of the St. George's arm, the oldest, most natural and accessible arm of the Danube.

It is very easy to reach, on a maximum journey of 4 hours by personal car, coming from Bucharest. Until Tulcea, I think everyone can do it. For those who want to forget about the car, there is a safe bus line on the route Bucharest - Tulcea, and from there it is a few kilometers to the commune of Nufaru. A picturesque ferry will cross the Danube on the opposite bank. Then in two minutes you are at Pension Iara.

The custom of the house "says" that the gates will be opened by your own host. And here's how you get to know Eugen and Mălina (0745 024.358), two daredevils who, three years ago, wanted a vacation home in the Delta and ended up building a boarding house with 10 rooms together with a family of friends, Pompiliu and Silvana.

It was our luck, it can be yours too, because in Iara you can sit on a deck chair by the pool or fish from the pension's pontoon while watching the cruise ships pass on the St. George's arm.

If it is not already clear, I tell you honestly, in Iara there is nothing lacking in the comfort with which you are used in everyday life, but I bet nobody has the wonderful view you can admire from the window of any room.


My half noticed that the bedding smells like flowers, which has not happened much in our travels. I really appreciated the bed mattress and pillow, being a jerk in this regard. Without a good bed there is no restful sleep. But at the Iara Guesthouse I rested very well and managed to load my body with energy. I think this energy came from the people present.

Modern and traditional successfully combined

We were conquered by the details! This is how I noticed the subtle and successful combination between modern and traditional. Going through the boarding house, I discovered traditional wipes, traditional folk costumes - original, over 100 years old, plus many other water-specific decorative elements, the Delta, which we were thinking about boats, fishing, adventure, nature, but also the ordinary life of the fishermen and the inhabitants of this area.

On the ground floor is the dining room, specially designed to enjoy traditional dishes prepared in the kitchen of the guesthouse. I tell you another secret that is not to be neglected: the chef is born, raised, lived and fulfilled in the Danube Delta! We felt like we were in a bigger living room, which urges you to relax, to talk and to have a quiet and tasty meal.

The menu is exactly what you need to satisfy the taste buds of any delectable, mostly made up of delta-specific dishes. Although it is a whole adventure to get fish in the Danube Delta for accommodation units (a paradox), it is not missing from the Iara Pension.

Pension-Iara-dining room

If you do not want only fish, you can definitely opt for simple preparations based on poultry, pork, beef and vegetables. Mălina takes care to ask you in advance about your culinary preferences, so you can enjoy fresh dishes.

Below you have some pictures with our menu. Still salivating at the carp roe and fish meats. We still remember the tasty taste of brine and the aroma of fried fish. In Delta, the fish tastes different.

We rested and stayed at the stories again multifunctional hall specially arranged I played billiards, table tennis, browsed books about the Danube Delta. There are also board games out there! It's not nice to get out of the house, but I got beat up in the pool. It's not a sport made for me :).

We could not miss a boat ride through the canals and lakes of the Delta, that is the total freedom of the Biosphere reserve. And because the pension offered us this service, we had the opportunity to admire the colonies of pelicans and cormorants, to see in direct action a wild otter, to walk on the canals, to admire the white and yellow water lilies, that is to say we enjoyed the fauna. and the flora that characterizes the Danube Delta. And you can opt for such walks!

The time spent at Pensiunea Iara and the simplicity of the relationship with our hosts gave us the opportunity to find out the story of the beginning, the content and the present functioning of the project and the pension that required the full involvement of the owners, with much passion, "soul" and sacrifices!

This is confirmed by the fact that they are always present here and welcomes their guests with open arms. We felt at home with some friends. I had that sense of security and warmth. And not only we enjoyed this attention, but also the other tourists present.

At the end of June, Pension Iara turned 1 a year since the first tourists hosted here. 1 has gathered year of beautiful memories and many new friends! If you are interested in the more technical side of Pension Iara, I recommend it article written by Adela Pârvu

I would have much more to say about my enthusiasm, but I would rather invite you to discover this unique guesthouse by yourself. Book with confidence a holiday at Pensiunea Iara, by calling 0745 024 358 or requesting the offer on the website

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