Causes of crash of flight 447 Air France, on the route Paris - Rio de Janeiro - June 1, 2009

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On 1 June 2009, the 447 flight belonging to Air France disappeared from the radar. The Airbus A330-200 with 228 passengers aboard crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 600 km off the Brazilian coast. There were no survivors!

At 3 years after the accident, the report of the French judicial experts concludes that a combination of human errors and technical defects led to the aircraft crash.


The report will be presented to the bereaved families on July 11th. The conclusions mention a loss of data due to the freezing of the Pitot wells, an emergency procedure not adapted to this case, but also the absence of an adequate response of the crew or the lack of monitoring of incidents from 10, informs Mediafax.

The approximate 20 conclusions begin by describing the collapse:
"The dive was initiated by an uncontrolled trajectory that occurred after the loss of pressure data due to freezing of Pitot probes, accompanied by alarms and degradation of related systems," according to the conclusions quoted by this source.

"The crew's lack of information about freezing the probes or the altitude has contributed to the surprise effect," she added.

The conclusions also mention the unadapted emergency procedures to which were added "unfavorable flight conditions: night, turbulence and no visual references".

The experts also highlight the contribution of the flight captain who "did not assume the managerial responsibilities" and "inhibited the co-pilot's desire to act properly", according to the source.

The training of pilots is also claimed: "There are no special requirements complementary to the competencies of the co-pilot defined by the operator for him to assume the position of alternative flight commander".

The technical changes are also mentioned because they were not followed by an aircraft safety analysis, noting that "certification specifications (CS25) have not changed due to incidents of loss of speed indications since 2004".

Disclosure of these findings comes as the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA), the French public body responsible for aviation security investigations, will publish the final report of the investigation on Thursday.

In the judicial investigation, Air France and Airbus were charged, in February 2011, with reckless murder.

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in this accident he lost his life and a passenger of Romanian origin!

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