The Chief of Staff of the Air Force canceled the Aviation Day events following today's incident, July 15, in which a Black Hawk helicopter was involved!

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A helicopter belonging to the American army had to land forcibly in the north of Bucharest, in Charles de Gaulle Square, right on the road, where it knocked down lighting poles. The Black Hawk helicopter is participating in the preparations for Aviation Day, which will take place on July 20.

The helicopter was flying in formation with other Black Hawk aircraft, it can be seen in images how it loses altitude and lands forcibly on one of the main boulevards in the Capital (Boulevard of the Aviators), in Charles de Gaulle Square.

PHOTO: Digi24

In addition to the collapsed pillars, you can see a slightly damaged van. At the same time, another car was damaged by one of the fallen pillars.

The US Army's Black Hawk helicopter is a transport aircraft. He was performing a training flight. During training, something went wrong and the aircraft had to land. There were no casualties!

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force canceled the events on Aviation Day, after the incident that involved the forced landing of an American Black Hawk helicopter, which participates in the trainings for this day, sources told Digi24. President Klaus Iohannis was also to attend the July 20 ceremony. At the same time, and US Embassy he said that he is working with the Romanian authorities to resolve the situation.

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