The COVID digital certificate can also be used for access to hotels, restaurants, cinemas or events in closed / open spaces.

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The EU COVID digital certificate has been successfully implemented in the European Union. The primary purpose of this certificate is to facilitate travel between EU countries. Basically, with its help you can prove that you have been vaccinated, tested by COVID-19 or cured by COVID-19. At the same time, this form has a unique QR code, which cannot be falsified, plus standardization at European level.

I downloaded the digital certificate in a few minutes because I was vaccinated in Romania with Moderna. According to the validity period, it should help me to travel, without queuing endlessly through airports, until June 2022.

In addition to this first utility, more and more countries in the European Union have decided to assign it another function. Based on this digital certificate, people can open the "doors" of hotels, shops, restaurants, cinemas and all crowded places! In other words, the return to social life will be done with the health certificate.

We are not saying that it is good or bad, but under the threat of wave 4 of coronavirus by Delta, 16 EU countries have taken / will take this measure to facilitate the return of people to social life: Austria (August 15); Belgia (August 13); Cipru (July 9); Denmark; France (August 9); Germany (under discussion); Greece (under discussion); Ireland; Italy (August 6); Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg (June 10); Holland (under discussion); Portugal; Slovenia; Spania (Galicia region).

It will probably be a matter of time until the new measure is adopted in Romania, or maybe NOT. Apparently, the new measure has a logic, but it must be well thought out, explained and implemented. There must be no discrimination between people, certain rights cannot be restricted. But we all have the right to health!

Have you been vaccinated / tested / cured by COVID? Do you have a COVID EU digital certificate?

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