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The "EU COVID digital certificate" will be available for use from 1 July

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There is only one step left until the approval procedures for "EU COVID digital certificate" will be finalized within the European Union, after the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Council (Coreper) announced on 21 May that it supports the previously concluded agreement between the European Council and the European Parliament. With the entry into force of the legislation, the regulations will be published in the Official Journal of the EU and will apply from 1 July.

The "EU COVID digital certificate" will be available for use from 1 July.

In order to complete the procedures, the Council will now send a letter to the European Parliament, formally communicating Coreper's support for the certificate agreement. The European Council stated in a statement that "the European Parliament is expected to approve the letter in plenary on 7-10 June. Subsequently, the Council will formally adopt the regulations to be signed by the Council and Parliament. "

The Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, the current President of the European Council, stated that the certificate is "An important step towards a more normal, freer and safer life during the pandemic that will facilitate the free movement of all Europeans, starting this summer."

Member States will need to remain vigilant about the epidemiological situation, while national economies can gradually recover.

The EU as a whole hopes that the travel certificate will facilitate safe and free movement in the midst of the pandemic, proving that the holder has received both doses of the vaccine, is recently recovered or has recently been tested and has received a negative result to the state of destination.


The European institutions have recommended that Member States provide passengers with access to affordable COVID-19 tests, for which an amount of EUR 100 million has been allocated under the Emergency Support Instrument, suggesting that additional resources of more than EUR 100 million can be mobilized to purchase more tests - if necessary.

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