The cracked windshield of a Boeing 737-800 Sunwing Airlines aircraft (registered C-FFPH) leads to the diversion of the flight to Bucharest

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On September 17, a Sunwing Airlines Boeing 737-800 (registered C-FFPH) operated TUI Airlines Netherlands flight OR3042 between Antalya, Turkey and Rotterdam, Netherlands. A cracked windshield, however, forced the pilots to divert to Bucharest, Romania. 

The cockpit window was damaged (cracked) after a suspected bird strike. The passengers explained that, after landing in Bucharest, they waited two hours inside the aircraft. The airline promised to provide hotel accommodation to the passengers.

A few hours later, passengers were informed by text message that no hotel rooms could be booked. Passengers were also not allowed to leave the airport due to visa issues, thus having to stay overnight at the airport.

TUI Airlines Netherlands regrets not being able to provide accommodation for the 189 passengers: “Am informed the passengers that they can arrange their own accommodation, then we will reimburse them. We regret that most of them had a less than comfortable night. "

The passengers continued their journey from Bucharest to Rotterdam, on September 18, with the Boeing 737-800 TUI Fly Belgium aircraft (registered OO-JEF) where they arrived safely.

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