Open Doors Day at TAROM - 18 September 2012

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TAROM, the National Romanian Air Transport Company celebrates on September 18 2012, 58 years of existence. On this occasion, TAROM will open its doors to present the activity behind the scenes of the company, during an event dedicated to all those interested.

The Romanian air operator will present at TAROM's technical hangar, the activities less known to the passengers, from the checks on the safety and quality of the flight, to the maintenance programs and the technical verification stages of each aircraft before the flight. As part of this incursion into the world of TAROM, the company's employees will tell about the lesser-known aspects of the job they passionately practice.

I participated in 2011 at a similar event and I can say that I liked it a lot. I had the opportunity to see the people behind TAROM. I spoke to those who provide the aircraft technical service and those who are directly responsible for the company's flights. Do not hesitate and I advise you to attend this event.

All those who want to celebrate the TAROM company on September 18, 2012, are asked to register through the form, which can be accessed from the following link:

Following numerous requests, the organizers are preparing four more visits with groups of 50 people on September 19 2012.

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