The easiest way to get to Massif (Poiana Brașov), March 3-5, 2023!

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A few days separate us from Massif 2023, the most anticipated mountain festival in Romania. For 3 days, from March 3-5, 2023, dozens of DJs and artists will play and delight the souls of electronic music and music fans in general. You can see the Massif 2023 programme completely divided by scenes. Massif is a unique and exclusive experience for this part of Europe, a festival adapted to Poiana Brașov.

Limited to a total capacity of 12.000 people/day, Massif brings you closer to your favorite artists than any other festival and is seasoned with snow, slopes, skiing, snowboarding, the coolest winter outfits, music spread over 3 main stages and 4 partner stages, festival themed production.

The means of transport available for Massif 2023

Fans who want to arrive at the end of this week in Poiana Brașov to party with their gang of friends at the first edition of Massif can opt for public transport departing from the cities of Brașov and Râșnov. The organizers, together with the local authorities, have prepared a mobility plan for Poiana Brașov, which include access for public transport, for private operators (minibuses and taxis), as well as for ridesharing companies.

During the Massif festival, in the time interval 11:00 - 01:00, access in station on the route Brașov – Poiana Brașov will be allowed only for public transport, MAI special vehicles, accredited cars, private transport operators and ridesharing companies.

Those who are staying in Poiana Brașov hotels and will opt to travel to the festival by personal car will be able to do so between 11:00 and 01:00, only on route Râșnov – Poiana Brașov.

Massif organizers recommend traveling by bus, which is the fastest way to get to the festival

Means of transportation in common that will travel on the route Brașov – Poiana Brașov they will arrive at a frequency of approximately 10 minutes, between 08:00 and 23:30, to facilitate access to the festival. The lines available from Brașov are the following:

  • Line 20 (Livada Postei – Poiana Brașov)
  • Line 100 (CFR Brașov Station – Poiana Brașov)
  • Line 60 (Terminal Poiana Mică – Cable car)

During the three days, for line 100, on Lungă street, in the area in front of the AJOFM headquarters, a temporary station will be set up only for the uphill direction towards Poiana Brașov, and the frequency of line 60 will be every 5 minutes.

The standard rate for an adult ticket is 4 lei. The ticket can be purchased through the 24pay application or with a bank card at the main ticket sales points, which will also have an extended schedule: Poiana Brașov (08:00 – 01:00), Livada Poștei (until 23:30), CFR Brașov railway station (until 21.30).

RATBV operators recommend purchasing one-day passes (1-day METROPOLITAN PASS pass – 10 lei) or three-day passes (3-day METROPOLITAN PASS pass – 30 lei). Participants can access the official RATBV platform to consult the schedule of buses 20 and 100, the stops at which the mentioned means of public transport will stop, as well as other information:

Participants can get from Râșnov directly to Poiana Brașov, at Massif, by bus 130M, which departs from the Park & ​​Ride Râșnov station

The second transport option for those who have ensured their participation in the first Massif edition is via Râșnov. If they are staying in the city or in its vicinity, participants can reach Poiana Brașov by bus 130M, which will run between 8:00 a.m. and 00:00 a.m., every 20 minutes, starting from Park & ​​Ride Râșnov.

The Râșnov Park & ​​Ride area is located in Poligon - the Cetate parking lot, and the operating schedule and payment methods can be found on the RATBV official website. Participants can reach the specially designed Park & ​​Ride area in Râșnov, which has a limited number of parking spaces, by personal car, continuing their journey by bus directly to the heart of the festival.

During the period March 3-5, the means of public transport running on the route Râșnov (Poligon - Cetate parking lot) - Poiana Brașov will leave every 20 minutes.

For the return from the festival, RATBV provides buses that will start from Poiana Brașov in Brașov, from 22:00

The list of special routes for the departure from the festival to Brașov, communicated by the organizers and authorities, are:

  • Line 1M: Poiana Brașov – Livada Poștei – Triaj
  • Line 2M: Poiana Brașov – Livada Postei – Rulmentul
  • Line 6M: Poiana Brașov – Livada Poštei – Saturn
  • Line 16M: Poiana Brașov – Livada Poștei – Municipal Stadium
  • Line 17M: Poiana Brașov – Livada Poștei – Noua
  • Line 28M: Poiana Brașov – Livada Poștei – Funăturii
  • Line 34M: Poiana Brașov – Livada Postei – Timiș-Triaj
  • Line 36M: Poiana Brașov – Livada Poștei – Independentei
  • Line 50M: Poiana Brașov – Livada Poștei – Pietrele lui Solomon.

All these buses will stop at all the stations on the route of line 20, and then at the stations on the urban route followed in the Municipality of Brașov. Those who want to reach Râșnov will be able to take bus 130M from Poiana Brașov, with the Park & ​​Ride terminal.

Access to Poiana Brașov, allowed to private transport operators and ridesharing companies

Massif fans can also opt for private travel companies or ridesharing companies, which they can order from specially arranged pick-up and drop-off points in Poiana Brașov. 

For more details, participants can view the maps containing the transport options during the Massif 2023 festival on The entire mobility plan was thought up by the organizers and local authorities and represents a pilot project, which could establish a new model of practice that would streamline access to the resort and other busy times of the year.

Residents of Poiana Brașov can drive in restricted areas based on a temporary car access permit

During the three days of the festival, river residents have road access during the restricted time interval (11:00 - 01:00) with a temporary car access permit, collected from Leisure Center (Point of accreditation) from Poiana Brașov or from Astra Cinema (Livada Poštei) from Brasov.

The provisional driving license can be obtained during the period 1-5 martie 2023, between 11:00 - 20h00. Residents of Poiana Brașov can obtain a provisional driving license on the basis of their identity card or any other proof document attesting to living on restricted streets or carrying out economic activities in the mentioned areas. Festival Massif takes place between March 3 and 5, 2023, in Poiana Brasov

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