The electoral honey is starting to flow: the M6 ​​Bucharest - Otopeni Airport metro line, removed from mothballs!

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The national election campaign has begun. In just a few weeks, hundreds of infrastructure projects were announced, thousands of promises and zero realistic prospects for achieving this. Beyond the much-promised highways, Sorin Grindeanu announced that he was named the winner of the contract for the construction of a new sector of the M6 ​​metro line. which will ensure the connection with Henri Coandă International Airport.

The statement given by Sorin Grindeanu

The contract for the design and execution of the Tokyo - Otopeni Airport section was awarded to an Association of Builders and Designers from Turkey. The contract has a value of 1,27 billion lei (without VAT). The financing of the contract is provided by funds from the state budget and external reimbursable funds, and the works are scheduled to last 48 months from the date of issuance of the Commencement Order.

Lot 1.2 (Tokyo – Otopeni Airport) of Highway 6 will have a length of 7,6 km. 6 metro stations will be built: Washington, Paris, Brussels, Otopeni, Ion IC Brătianu, Otopeni Airport. After completion, this lot will complete the route of the Metro Highway 6 and will ensure the connection between the current existing 1 Mai metro station and Otopeni Airport.

The entire Magistrala 6 of the Bucharest metro will have a length of 14,2 km and 12 metro stations.

M6 Bucharest - Otopeni Airport
M6 Bucharest – Otopeni Airport

Whoever believes this statement is either disconnected from the reality in Romania, or doesn't know the subject, or is naive! You may be wondering why this highway is not built with European funds. The answer is simple: The EU said the project was stupid and not worth funding because this metro line will not pay for itself even in 50 years, in the way it was designed. In reality, the project is really stupid, and now it's just an image campaign because the 2024 elections are coming up.

The execution times cannot even be discussed. Probably our grandchildren's grandchildren will use the metro between Bucharest and Otopeni Airport. If we dig a little deeper into the problem, the M6 ​​actually wants to be built with the funds from the M4, another failed metro line from the Grindeanu fence. Except that the new subway line from Bucharest, the M4 North Station - Progresul Station route was not included in the PNRR.

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