The ILS cat II equipment was installed and approved at the Iasi International Airport

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On 17 December, 2014, the equipment ILS cat II installed and calibrated at the Iasi Airport, it received the final approval from the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority. All procedures have been published internationally so that any airline wishing to land in Iasi, planned or unplanned, is aware of this.

ILS (Instrument Landing System) is a ground-based system that ensures both lateral and vertical precision in guiding an approaching and landing aircraft. This system ensures safe landing if low visibility due to fog, rain, snow or a lowered ceiling is recorded. Limit ILS CAT II: Decision Height = 30m (vertical, cloud ceiling) and RVR = 350m (long at the end of the runway).

“We thank ROMATSA and the Aeronautical Authority for their involvement in implementing and approving the use of these installed equipment. It is equipped with an upper gear for aerodromes, for the 2 category of operation, ie high precision for landings. Along with the characteristics of the runway - length, width, load - which are equally important, the ILS makes several aircraft operations possible, especially in adverse weather conditions. I am referring also to aircraft that come or are directed from other airports in the Moldovan region, ”said Mr. Marius BODEA, President of the Board of Directors of Iasi Airport

We remind that the equipment was purchased by ROMATSA (Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration). It allows for landings under visibility of minimum 350m along the runway and minimum 30m cloud ceiling, and the cancellation or diversion rate of flights will be significantly reduced. Also, the discomfort of the passengers, put in the situation of not reaching the destination during the expected time, will be greatly diminished.

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