Evacuation test of an Airbus A380 with 873 people on board (video)

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Airbus A380 is the largest human-built passenger plane to date. It is four-wheel drive and offers long-distance flights up to 15.200 km. It can fly on very long transoceanic and transcontinental flights. It is the only complete floor plane, being very easy to recognize at an airport. Each deck has two colors, the aircraft being certified for operations with up to 880 passengers in a single class.


To achieve this certification, Airbus A380 had to pass all the tests and regulations imposed by civil aviation industry organizations. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires that any aircraft with over 45 of passengers on board can be evacuated within maximum 90 of seconds, seconds of gold. But is it possible for an A380 with 873 of people on board to be emptied during this time?

You have the answer in the videos below.

(news seen at tedoo.ro)

In such a test, passengers must have their belts put on, be 40% women, 35% persons over the age of 50. As you can see, everything is extremely alert. I hope you never get in such situations. And if you arrive, listen carefully to the instructions of the cabin crew. Avoid thinking about your assets. At stake is your life and those of others around you.

  1. Soul says

    I knew that A380 flies max. 20.000km.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      - Airbus says it, not me :). 15700 Km maximum distance :).

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