Everett's Boeing factory celebrates its 50 anniversary

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In May 1967, Boeing employees moved to a new factory near Everett, Washington. After 13 months, the "Incredibles" - as they are called in the aviation world - launched the 747 model.

50 years later, more than 40.000 employees, customers and suppliers cross the threshold of Boeing's largest production area. It is the place where the 747-8, 767, 777, 787 Dreamliner, KC-46 Tanker models are "born", as well as where other derived programs are developed. The production system is preparing for the 777X today.

Boeing factory in Everett

All of Everett's transformations and upgrades are proof of the dedication to growth, as well as the investment in the area where Boeing operates. Some of those who joined the factory from the beginning made statements on the occasion of the anniversary:

"The 777X is a huge commitment. 787 and cargo aircraft are very well positioned - customers love them "- Bill Rietkirk, Program Manager on 767 Tanker engines, who joined Boeing since graduating from college in 1966. He believes Everett will have a bright future and adds:" If we can continue with the other programs we are working on, we will continue to build planes at Everett for quite some time. ”

"Boeing has attracted a lot of people into the company," says Patricia Walters, Technical Designer for the 767 program. "The factory was constantly growing and bigger and bigger buildings were being built to make the newest planes."

"When I started working, I was in charge of operational planning for 747. I've been on the team ever since," said Woo Lee, who is still working on the 747 program. The most important moments for him at Everett were the first flights and the first VIP visits. "It was incredible to see dignitaries and presidents of the United States, like Bill Clinton, coming to Boeing. Of course, we were very proud of our products and we always tried to keep an eye out and see what they were doing when they came to us. ”

Other celebrities who went to Everett and even gave speeches include former President George W. Bush, Barack Obama, former Vice President Al Gore, President of China Xi Jinping and former President of Russia Boris Yeltsin.

Boeing predicts that in the coming 20 years there will be a demand for 9,100 widebody aircraft, which translates to 2,8 trillions of dollars. Employees and management said 777X and other widebody programs, along with maximum focus on quality and affordability, will help the company stay on the market and compete with other manufacturers.

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