The financing contract was signed for the extension of the runway of Tulcea airport

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During this day, October 9, 2015, the contract for the modernization of the “Danube Delta” Airport in Tulcea was signed, worth 15 million euros. The modernization will be done with European funds, and the deadline for completion of the works is December 31, 2015. The contract was signed in the presence of the Minister of European Funds, Marius Nica.

„The project consists in the modernization of the movement surfaces on the“ Danube Delta ”Airport Tulcea, namely the extension of the runway by 60 meters, its widening from 30 meters to 45 meters, the realization of new sidewalks, the adaptation of the light beacon for category II- a, as well as the extension of the parking lot for Boeing 737 Series 800 ″, said Vâlcu Stoian.

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Being from Dobrogea, even from Tulcea, I am happy with the news. "Danube Delta" Airport Tulcea is very close to the Romanian coast and the Danube Delta, a region with high tourist potential. It would be a shame for an area like Dobrogea to stay a few direct flights from the region, the airport in Constanta having a slow evolution.

In May 2014, at the invitation of a "ghost" air operator (but in which I believed), I had the opportunity to fly to Tulcea airport. I discovered a refurbished and ready-to-use passenger terminal, but the infrastructure is still undesirable. It needs a new track and a spacious platform. I am waiting for the day when the modernization works will be completed and the first regular flights will start operating. But let's not get excited until the inauguration.

According Tulcea newspaper, there is also an airline eager to open routes to Milan, London, Madrid and Paris. Is it Blue Air, Wizz Air or Ryanair?

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