The first Boeing 737 MAX 8 on the assembly line

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The aviation industry is evolving, growing and developing. They just passed 100 years since the first commercial flight, and everything is growing at an alert pace. Aircraft manufacturers need to keep up with market demands, to take into account the demands of passengers, but also the needs of airlines.

As in any industry, aviation is also looking for cost efficiency and profit growth. Airline operators need more efficient airplanes, but with less fuel consumption, which does not require large investments for maintenance and operation.

Boeing and Airbus, the main pillars of the aircraft construction industry, are making huge efforts to come to market with new, more efficient models, to make production more efficient. in an environmentally friendly environment.

These days, Boeing has begun assembling the first type aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8. program Boeing 737 MAX is the descendant of the present Boeing 737 Next Generation. As is normal and normal, the new generation of Boeing aircraft comes with a number of benefits.

Boeing 737 MAX 8
Boeing 737 MAX 8

The most important feature is to reduce fuel consumption by up to 14% compared to the 737 Next Generation aircraft, a facility loved by over 50 customers. The proof lies in those over 2800 of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft ordered. According to Boeing, this reduction in fuel consumption is possible thanks to the new ones more efficient engines and by improving the aerodynamic systems. And the most visible change comes from the wings and wings the new winglets.

Boeing 737 MAX 8
Boeing 737 MAX 8

We as passengers may not feel much about the new cabins. We will seek to enjoy flights, comfort, but we will certainly feel the benefits of new aircraft in the price of air tickets.

The first Boeing 737 MAX 8 is built on the Renton, Washington line. Boeing says the final assembly will be done by the end of 2015. 2016 will start with the first flight, and in 2017 will be the first delivery. Southwest Airlines is just waiting, being the launch customer for the first 737 MAX generation aircraft.

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