The first Airbus A320neo SriLankan Airlines was delivered

On February 27, the first A320neo SriLankan Airlines reached Colombo!

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On 27 February 2017, the first Airbus A320neo SriLankan Airlines reached the base in Colombo. It is part of an order of 6 aircraft. At the same time, the carrier from Sri Lanka will also receive 4 aircraft Airbus A321neo.

Airbus A320-SriLankan Airlines-reception,

Airbus A320neo SriLankan Airlines can accommodate 12 passengers in Business Class and 138 passengers in Economy Class. The aircraft is powered by new engines CFM LEAP-1A.

Airbus A320neo SriLankan Airlines

The second copy A320neo Sri Lankan Airlines will be delivered in April 2017. It will be followed by 2 A321neo aircraft, which will be delivered in June 2017. The latest 2 A321neo will be delivered in Q4 from 2017 and Q1 from 2018.

SriLankan Airlines will use the new aircraft on flights to India, the Middle East and the Far East. Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur will be the first destinations served with the new Airbus A320neo.


The rejuvenation of the fleet will contribute to the development of new passenger services. The 10 aircraft in the A320neo family will contribute to the growth of the operational network. Thus, SriLankan Airlines will be able to open new routes to destinations in the Indian Ocean basin and the Middle East.

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