The first Airbus A321LR (YR-WOW) has arrived in Bucharest: Bucharest – Dublin, the first flight!

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The first A321LR aircraft registered in Romania landed on Thursday at Henri Coandă International Airport and will enter commercial service in the coming days. The first scheduled flight that the airline will make with it will be on the Bucharest-Dublin route, on Friday, March 31.

The aircraft, registered YR-WOW, was painted in the company's colors after it was officially taken over from the Airbus factory in Hamburg, Germany earlier this month.

To begin with, the new aircraft, the sixth in the HiSky fleet, will operate on the company's regular routes to several cities in Europe, as well as charter flights to holiday destinations. Considering, however, its extended capabilities to cover long-distance flights, thanks to the autonomy of up to 7400 km, the airline plans to introduce new routes, to hitherto inaccessible destinations in Romania, without a stopover.

A321LR YR-WOW to Bucharest

"For a company still in its infancy, every new target we reach is a joy and another proof that we are on the right path and the plans we are making are realistic. We managed to arrive with YR-WOW in Bucharest a few days earlier than we had previously estimated and I hope that this will be a pleasant surprise for our passengers. Tomorrow, we will already start operating flights from the Otopeni base, and for the next period this is the plan for the new aircraft.

We are in the final stages of finalizing some pretty ambitious flight plans and I hope to be able to announce them soon. The aviation market in Romania has gone through a series of setbacks in recent years, and this has created a high level of skepticism among passengers regarding local companies, which is why we are determined to be reserved in our promises and win the trust of passengers through facts.", Iulian Scorpan, CEO of HiSky.

With the introduction of this aircraft into service, HiSky marks a series of firsts on the Romanian market. This increases the operating capacity of the airline, which has already reached almost one million transported passengers, but it is also part of the directions assumed by HiSky for development: better flight conditions for passengers and low impact on the environment.

Thus, in addition to the chosen configuration of only 201 seats, which offers significant space to each passenger, the A321LR also comes with the most spacious cabin among the aircraft in its class, (3,7 m) which allows the installation of more comfortable seats and a wider aisle wide

First Airbus A321LR (YR-WOW)

In addition, passengers will benefit from entertainment on board, during the flights, through the installed multimedia system, but also from a reduced level of perceived noise. In terms of reducing the environmental footprint, the two Pratt & Whitney GTF engines ensure a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 20% and emit up to 20% less CO2 and 50% less NOx.

In April, the airline will also introduce the seventh aircraft into the fleet, also an A321LR, manufactured in 2023, which will bear the Romanian registration YR-WIN.

HiSky operates domestic flights in Romania, from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca and Timisoara and direct international flights departing from the airports of Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iași and Baia Mare to Tel Aviv, Brussels, Dublin, Malaga and Paris. From the Republic of Moldova, passengers can travel with HiSky to six foreign destinations, Milan, Paris, Dublin, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv and Rome.

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