The first Airbus A330 Tibet Airlines was delivered

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First Airbus A330 Tibet Airlines it was delivered. The aircraft Airbus A330-200, the 242 MTOW (maximum take-off-weight) version was delivered from the Airbus base in Toulouse, France.

Airbus A330 Tibet Airlines

On 30 June 2016, the first widebody aircraft in the Tibet Airlines fleet landed at Lhasa, the base of the Tibetan operator. It is configured in 3 classes: 12 places for business, 32 places for premium economy and 235 places for economy.


At the moment, Tibet Airlines operates a fleet of 16 aircraft: 4 x A319 and 2 x A320. The company is renowned for its high altitude operations. The operating base is at the Lhasa airport, which is over 3.500 meters high.

Due to the performance of Airbus aircraft, Tibet Airlines was able to operate flights between Tibet and cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Airbus A330 is the first widebody properly equipped with Required Navigation Performance with Authorization Required (RNP-AR). It is the only widebody passenger plane flying over the sky of Tibet.

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