The first Airbus A380 British Airways was delivered (video)

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On 4 July 2013, British Airways it came into the possession of the first Airbus A380 from the fleet, becoming the 10th airline operator to own this type of aircraft. British Airways is the first British airline to enjoy the services of the A380 and will introduce the aircraft on the routes London Heathrow - Los Angeles and London Heathrow - Hong Kong.


After the ceremony, which took place at the Airbus base in Toulouse, Airbus A380 British Airways flew to London Heathrow. All Airbus A380 aircraft (12 units ordered) will be powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines.

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Airbus has orders for 262 aircraft from 20 customers. Airbus A380 it has a range of up to 15700 km. It can carry up to 850 passengers in a class at low costs and with a much smaller impact on the environment. A380 can be a great solution for airlines that want to transport more passengers without increasing the frequency of flights and without crowding the airports.

To date, over 40 millions of passengers have enjoyed the services of the airlines on the A380 aircraft. Every 5 minutes, an A380 aircraft takes off or lands on one of the 30 airports it can operate, with their number increasing.

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    It is very normal for BA to equip aircraft with RR engines.

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