The first Airbus A380 ANA was painted (Photo / Video)

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On 13 December, 2018, the first Airbus A380 All Nippon Airways (ANA) came out of the Airbus paint shop in Hamburg, Germany. The aircraft carries a unique livery.

Hawaii turtle, named HONU, was chosen to appear on aircraft Airbus A380 YEAR. This color scheme (FLYING THIS) was selected from 2 197 of recommendations sent by different people from all over the world, who entered in a contest organized by the Japanese operator.

Airbus A380 YEAR

ANA will receive 3 Airbus A380 aircraft, each carrying the same livery, but in different colors. The blue livery is called "Lani"(Heaven), the green one is called"Kai"(Ocean), and the orange is called"The case" (sunset).

All Nippon Airways will take possession of the first Airbus A380 (JA381A), which was already painted in the FLYING HONU BLUE livery at the end of the first quarter of 2019. It will then be introduced on the Narita-Honolulu route.

Prime Airbus a380-ana-painted

It is one of the most complex livery applied on an Airbus A380. It took 21 days for the Airbus team to paint 3600m2, using 16 different shades of color.


Following are the ground tests, cabin mounting and final flight tests. All cabin equipment and systems will be tested. In addition, Airbus will perform advanced performance tests.

 All Nippon Airways will be the 15 airline operator with Airbus A380 in the fleet. ANA has chosen A380 to cover the growing demand for flights between Japan and Hawaii, being able to carry more passengers on each flight.

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