The first Boeing 737 MAX 8 Blue Air enters the operational service on the route Bucharest - Lisbon

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Blue Air announces the entry into operational service of the new Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft (Boeing calls it the 737 MAX 8), registered YR-MXA. We remind you that yesterday, April 1, Blue Air celebrated the reception of the first Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft. The inaugural event took place at Henri Coandă International Airport, in the presence of Blue Air representatives, partners and high-ranking officials. There were also televisions, news sites and profile sites, including

Blue Air marks a double premiere, its new aircraft being the first Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft to operate commercial flights in Romania and the first to join the fleet of a Romanian air carrier. The new Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft, registered YR-MXA, will enter operational service today, April 2, 2021, having scheduled the first passenger flight on the route Bucharest Otopeni - Lisbon. The aircraft will operate flights to the most attractive destinations of Blue Air: London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon and Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 Blue Air will operate the first commercial flight on the route Bucharest - Lisbon

Today, the Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft will fly to Lisbon at 20:30, and tomorrow to Malaga and Frankfurt, and will continue to serve these destinations as a priority, as well as London Heathrow and Amsterdam.

Baptism of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 (YR-MXA) Blue Air aircraft in Bucharest

On April 1, the first 737 MAX 8 Blue Air aircraft landed in Bucharest and, as usual, received the baptism of water cannons. The plane was greeted by representatives of Blue Air, senior officials, politicians, Blue Air partners and the press. #blueair #flyblueair # 737max8 #aviation #Watercannon More information on: Video by Teodor Coman

Published by Airlines Travel on Friday, April 2, 2021

Blue Air operated an inaugural overflight flight over Romania, yesterday, April 1, for partners, agencies, representatives of the authorities and some of the company's loyal customers. On board the aircraft was the management of Blue Air who enjoyed together with the other passengers the new MAX flight experience.   

The 737 MAX family is designed to offer the greatest flexibility, reliability and efficiency in its class. The 737 MAX is the latest model from the manufacturer Boeing, offering state-of-the-art technology, sustainability and an exceptional degree of comfort (comfortable seats, USB charger, socket, hanger, adjustable headrests).

The 737 MAX has a 16% reduction in carbon emissions and fuel consumption and a 40% lower noise level compared to its 737NG predecessor.

737-8 MAX it is more sustainable, quieter and more environmentally friendly, offers low operating and maintenance costs and is the mainstay of Blue Air's fleet renewal strategy and long-term competitiveness. Blue Air will receive 9 more 737 MAX aircraft in the fleet by the end of 2022.

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