The first Boeing 787-9 was assembled (video)

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Without too much fast, Boeing assembled the first 787-9 and will shortly operate the first flight. I was expecting the American aircraft manufacturer to further promote the new model, but it seems that recent incidents with Dreamliner aircraft have somewhat overshadowed the launch of the first Boeing 787-9.

First 787-9 in Factory at Final Body Join

Boeing 787-8 can carry up to 250 passengers over a maximum distance of 15200 km. The new 787-9 will be able to carry up to 290 passengers, and the range will be up to 15750 km. The new Dreamliner 787-9 differs from the 787-8, having a sturdier structure, longer fuselage (63 meters), larger tanks and maximum take-off weight (MTOW). Only the wingspan is the same in both models. Air New Zealand is the launch customer of the Boeing 787-9.

Liz Matzelle captured the first Boeing 787-9 aircraft at Paine Field Airport, Everett, Washington.

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