The first flight of the Boeing 777X was delayed due to the wind. Rescheduled for January 25, 2020.

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On January 23 and 24, Boeing planned to lift the first Boeing 777-9X from the ground. It was supposed to be a historic moment for aviation and humanity. The first Boeing 777X on the first flight, something unique. It's just that the weather didn't keep up with the American aircraft manufacturer.

Due to over 20knots and torrential rains, the first flight of the Boeing 777X was delayed. Boeing announced it is trying again on Saturday, January 25th. Maybe this time it will be more fortunate and the weather gods will make it the ideal time for the first flight.

The first flight of the Boeing 777X was delayed

I know many of you are wondering why the Boeing 777X did not take off under the existing 20knots wind conditions and torrential rain. Especially since normally certified commercial aircraft do this.

Authorities in the aviation industry have set special conditions for the first ever flight of an aircraft. Meteorological limitations were imposed, with winds of up to 10 knots. Plus the Boeing 777X is a new aircraft, designed and built from scratch, which comes equipped with some unique technologies.

About Boeing 777X

About Boeing 777X we can say that it wants to be as popular as the current triple seven in service, only that it is more efficient and more spacious. And the folding wing finder makes the 777X unique.

boeing 777X first flight

The FAA has set 10 conditions that must be met by the folding tips. Some are related to how pilots should be warned if winglets are not properly positioned for flight. There must be a mechanism to block the take-off of the aircraft if the wingtips are not extended and prepared for flight. And another condition imposed a special mechanism to prevent the bending of the wings during flight.

Boeing doesn't have the best period in its history. Let's hope that the new 777X aircraft will succeed in resurrecting the confidence of people and airlines in the American aircraft manufacturer.

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