The first images with Brasov International Airport - Ghimbav

Yesterday, at a press conference, the Brasov authorities presented the first images of the future terminal of the Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport

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Brasov - Ghimbav International Airport, a project challenged by some and praised by others, is beginning to take shape. For the time being only on paper and on the drawing boards of the architect Dorin Stefan.

At a press conference held Wednesday, Brasov officials presented the first images with the future terminal of the Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport. The conference was attended by: architect Dorin Stefan; President of the Brasov County Council, Adrian Veștea; the mayor of Brașov, George Scripcaru; the president of the Covasna County Council, Tamas Sandor.

Brasov - Ghimbav International Airport

In addition to the ones listed above, several county and local councilors from Brasov took part in the presentation. Plus the prefect of Brasov County, Marian Rasaliu. That is, almost all the foam of the politicians and representatives of Brasov.

We cannot express ourselves about art and architecture. We can say that the architecture presented does not look bad, it even looks futuristic. The building of the terminal will have 11.000 of square meters. It will be a combination of concrete and glass. The roof will also be made of glass, provided with photovoltaic panels, these having the role of contributing to the reduction of expenses with electricity.

The architect Dorin Stefan mentioned that everything can be done with an average cost of 2000 € / square meter. And the terminal is designed to process peak hours up to 3 passenger 180 aircraft.

In a developed country with land infrastructure developed, an airport like Brasov - Ghimbav would not be built. It would have been useless. But we live in Romania, the country where the authorities are not able and willing to build an expressway / expressway between Bucharest and Brașov. As between Brasov and Cluj / Târgu Mureș there are not very high-speed roads.

For Brasov, a very good alternative would be Sibiu International Airport. But it is better to spend a few million Euros and make an airport at the foot of Tampa. It remains to be seen when the new Brasov - Ghimbav International Airport will be ready.

  1. Ron Weissberger says

    I read the comments regarding the airport and I can't disagree more with its author. At the time that I was involved with the project, some 10 years ago, our study showed that Brasov region would attract 450,000 -750,000 tourists a year. This number has now reached over 1 million. I am not including business travel to Germany, Benelux and France of which there will be plenty as a result of economic development in the last 10 years.
    In conclusion, the airport will be resounding economic success and I regret not being part of it.

  2. Nic Dobre says

    "In a developed country with a developed land infrastructure, an airport like the one in Brasov - Ghimbav would not have been built. ”
    Mr. Rusi, this reasoning does not honor you. Think again. Brasov's potential for air traffic is 4-5 times greater than Sibiu's. In other words, if 10 passengers from Sibiu and 40 from Brasov are on a plane, where would it be best to take off? It doesn't matter which airport is already built, it's about profitability, not social protection.
    AIBG will be ready in 2021, there will be enough commercial, charter and cargo races to cross the break-even point after 3 years of operation. If you are really passionate about commercial aviation, it would be logical to support the construction of the first airport in Romania in the last 50 years, not to join the choir of "worried" about the health of the goat over the fence.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We do not oppose its construction. And in the current context of land infrastructure, Brasov airport will be a gateway to Prahova Valley.

      But, if we had the Bucharest - Brasov highway, this airport would not have had the same efficiency.

      Keep in mind that over 70% of those who reach the Prahova Valley are Romanians, and they will not fly from Otopeni to Brasov.

      1. Nic Dobre says

        I also encountered this pattern: "it is not profitable to fly from Otopeni to Brasov". Who cares?
        I don't think there was even a second problem for AIBG to traffic at the expense of the people of Bucharest. There are thousands of foreign tourists who do not come to Brasov because of the infrastructure (no, they would not come from OTP on the highway), as well as large companies that give up investments in the area (Apple, Mercedes, etc.) for the same reason. True, the lack of a highway makes the airport even more attractive. But even in the presence of the highway, the airport would still have come out "on the plus side" in 4-5 years. It is a traffic of 800.000 - 1.000.000 passengers per year, which AIBG will do, with or without highways. I overbid, the traffic would be realized even if Brasov had a port with an exit to the Black Sea. 🙂

        This is why the airport is made, not to reach Bucharest in Poiană faster.

        1. Sorin Rusi says

          Okay, it's funny. I will keep your comment and respond when the airport is ready to understand who cares.

        2. Sorin Rusi says

          Do you know how to calculate a route and how to open air routes? Can the Brasov catchment area collect 10-20 for thousands of passengers in one season for 2-3 regular routes?

          1. Nic Dobre says

            The English word: "Let's agree to disagree". And let's return to this comment after the first, third and fifth year of operation. We will then draw the line and see if it was a Transylvanian with a rich imagination or an estimation error on your part.

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